Ready to start reading tarot?

Karen will show you how and hey, 

maybe someday you'll be reading for her!

This course brings together her 20+ years of deep study and practice of the tarot in a fun, engaging and totally accessible online format.

After completing it, you'll have enough knowledge to begin confidently reading for yourself and others. Gain insight, clarity and develop your own intuition and psychic abilities the way she did! 

This course is just right for beginners. She goes card by card, giving you everything you need to get started and comfortable with your deck.

What You Get

videos lessons you can watch anytime, at your own pace, on any device. Karen recorded them as if she was sitting right next to you, one-on-one. ​PLUS! You receive a downloadable workbook and a notebook to structure your notes. 

Lessons cover: 

  • Major Arcana

  • Minor Arcana

  • Instructions on how to protect yourself energetically

  • Coaching in developing your psychic intuition

  • 3-card layouts, card combinations and the Celtic Cross 

  • How to ask good questions

  • How to handle tarot bullies and skeptics

Karen's lessons feel just like readings - fun, entertaining, and light-hearted. Plus, you take away incredible knowledge and insights ​that will clarify your path forward. 

In the course she shares real-life stories from her decades of readings: the good, the bad, and the, uh.... well, let's just leave it right there. You have a chance to think through what YOU would do in each case, if you were the reader. 

You already know and trust Karen.

Why not learn tarot from the best? 

Cost: $199

When you sign up, you'll automatically receive an email with a link to the course materials. Start learning today and go at your own pace. 

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"After years of incredible readings with Karen, it was hard to imagine that I could do it too. But she makes learning tarot SO FUN, so simple. I'm excited to be able to read the cards whenever I want! What a dream!"   - Jess

"I've never had a class be as entertaining, informative AND funny. It just seemed like she was talking to me, like we were having a warm and personal conversation. Not what you'd expect from an online class. Highly recommended."   - Bob

"Karen and her tarot interpretations have been a life-preserver for me in times of uncertainty.  Her objectivity and stunningly accurate insights allow me to truly understand many of my choices moving forward, and how those choices may impact my future."   - Tommy

"Karen is a gifted reader & teacher. Insightful & able to unpack the most specific details uncannily, her humor & humanity bring everything into focus."

- Julie

"Karen has a great, in-depth knowledge  of the cards, coupled with great intuition that allows her to tap into your situation and give you the best guidance possible. Her readings helped me navigate through some troubled waters in my life, and continue to be of great guidance. If you need an honest, straight-to-the-point reading, Karen is your person." - Victoria

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