Physic Stand-up

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Physic Stand-up: Instant Download

The first Comedy Audio that combines stand-up comedy and tarot card readings, and it combines the talent and chemistry of Stand-up Tarot Reader Karen Rontowski with the hilarious hosting of Lamont Ferguson


This spontaneous and side-splitting sold-out show has become a Halloween Tradition at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA, but can now be yours to enjoy any time of the year - like magic in a bottle. Warning: the material does contain adult content. 

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Meditation Series

This Meditation Series in the making evolved out of my private Facebook group: Tarot Card of The Day, where I discuss a new tarot card each day along with a simple meditation. 


The Meditation Series is a deeper dive and it combines meditations tailor-made to individual tarot readings. 


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Tarot Class Series

This course has been a long time in the making and is the culmination of over twenty years of studying the Tarot.


The more I learn the more I find I need (or WANT) to know, and the same is true for my clients and friends. Classes will be structured for beginners, intermediate and advanced for those who really want a total Tarot immersion.


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Stand up, Ghost Hunting, tarot reading and paranormal Investigation are just part of Karen's everyday life. From internet dating to the problems of owning a haunted mirror, her fast past wit packs a solid and continuous punch.

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